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Bad 2010 Hurricane Season Possible According to

May 12th, 2010 No comments

Back in March,’s chief hurricane forecaster, Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, predicted that the 2010 hurricane season was shaping up to be huge. Today he reiterated his prediction, predicting 16-18 storms during the June 1-Nov. 30 season. He noted during only eight years in the 160 years of records have 16 or more storms formed in a season.

Bastardi also predicts an early start to the 2010 hurricane season, with one or two hurricanes forming by early July, and additional threats extending well in to October. He predicts that at least six of the storms will impact the United States.

From the standpoint of number of storm threats from the tropics to the U.S. coastline, we will at least rival 2008, and in the extreme case, this season could end up in a category only exceeded by 2005.

Citing a rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico and a collapsing El Nino as reasons for the heightened forecast, Bastardi also feels that the Atlantic basic is “textbook perfect” for major hurricane activity.